ED. 133. Fruit Attraction 2017 / Grape

100% own production

Three years ago, the company Betisan materialised its main project: producing all the varieties they needed on their own.

After having made a significant investment to purchase new farms, Betisan fulfilled several years ago a key objective of their business strategy: offering only their own production to their customers. This growth of their own production, which doubled and today reaches 3.5 million kilos, meant the expansion of the firm’s commercial window as they acquired early varieties that enabled them to extend their trade season. Thanks to that, Betisan now works with great national domestic distributors. Their business volume formerly relied only on export-oriented Aledo variety, with a 80% export-20% domestic market ratio. After the mentioned changes, the ratio is now 50%-50%. ‘This important change allows us to guarantee constant supply to our clients, with quality levels guaranteed by ourselves, and avoiding excessive ups and downs’, explained the firm’s manager José Enrique Sánchez.

Thus, Betisan has 100 plus hectares located at the Middle Vinalopó region, where they grow the varieties Victoria, Ideal, Dominga, Red Globe, and mainly Aledo.

Optimising growth

The challenge now lies on obtaining better yields per hectare, through exhaustive control of cultivation techniques, irrigation, and treatments. ‘It is essential to cut shrinkage down, even if it is only by 5%, because it means a significant volume in the total volume we handle’, specified Sánchez.

‘Seedless grapes are not the future but the present’, stated the firm’s manager about the neverending debate. But one must be aware that they are not competitors but complementary to each other. They can coexist in the market, as consumers likes and demands are different and allow for this coexistence.

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