Ed. 132 Agosto 2017 / Tomato

Strengthening tomato’s flavour. AGROPONIENTE

They in Agroponiente highlight the ‘excellent job’ of their growers and their commitment to logistics in order to export a fresh, quality product.

Juan Arias

’The saying that tomatoes no longer taste like actual tomato is starting not to be true’. That is what Antonio Román, Agroponiente’s Procurement Director, affirmed. He also stated that breeders, growers, and companies working together, ‘we are managing to strengthening tomato’ flavour.’ To do that, this firm has not moved even a millimetre away from its commercial strategy, which is based on quality, service, adaptation to clients’ demands, and a thorough market survey.

All of it is achieved thanks to the ‘excellent job of Almeria growers’, who could enjoy good prices this season, and who are able to grow quality tomatoes that end consumers put into their shopping carts.

Nevertheless, they in Agroponiente also consider important the creation of a brand that achieved success and consumers’ acknowledgement.

To offer a fresher and fresher product, Agroponiente banks on improving and enlarging its facilities, with a new logistics warehouse in Guadix, Granada, which would add to their twenty plus other ones and would enable them to render better service. This product freshness that Agroponiente offers happens to be a limiting factor when it comes to export to certain countries, although it does not prevent them from keeping working to enter the North American market, to reach beyond Europe, which is already flooded with produce from third countries.

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