Ed. 132 Agosto 2017 / Tomato

CASI consolidates in organic

The brand CASI Organic exceeded 3,000 tonnes marketed inthe 2016/2017 season, considering their various vegetables.


Even though this segment represents just 1.7% of the cooperative CASI’s total production, the trend is that farmland devoted to it will increase in the 2017/2018 season as well as in forthcoming years. ‘Outlooks for the present season, which will end in October, were of 4,000 tonnes, and despite the shrinkage we suffered in Almería, everything seems to point that we will practically hit that figure’, explained sources of the cooperative.

Watermelon and vine tomato rank first in sales of organic, followed by loose tomato, cucumber, and courgette. In total, they are over fifteen different products: long-life vine tomato, loose, vine and pear cherry tomato, cucumber, courgette, mini watermelons -black, white, seeded and seedless-, green, red and yellow California peppers, and Italian pepper.

Aware that the demand of organic produce is thriving in Europe and concerned about sustainability and an efficient use of natural resources, there is an actual organic revolution ongoing within CASI, with growers banking on an even healthier production. Thus, the cooperative will market next year organic produce grown in over 100 hectares during autumn and spring seasons.

Review of the 2016/2017 season

Just a few months before the season is over, CASI has marketed 200 plus million kilos of tomato, a record figure that enables them to remain leading the board as Europe’s biggest first degree cooperative producer of tomato in winter season.

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