Ed. 132 Agosto 2017 / Tomato Cherry

Commitment and trust between producer and customer

Grupo la Caña banks on planning and innovation to supply what the market and end consumers as well demand at any time.

Beatriz Peña

Trust is essential when it comes to make commercial exchanges. Grupo la Caña wants to go further and transmit reliability and safety too. According to commercial director Antonio García, this is achieved through transparent work which ‘enabled distributors to know our farmers, also considering end consumers to have a picture of what they demand, which will in turn allow us to plan production.’

It is not just about projecting an image but a reality. To achieve that, their R&D department has three major lines of work: constant improvement of production processes; a more efficient, responsible, and sustainable production; and recovering plant waste in a strategy of circular economy.

Crop planning guarantees sales to keep growing at a 10-12% annual pace. They expect to exceed 35,000 tonnes of cherry tomato marketed this year.

Good price in winter season

According to Antonio García, certain production decrease and price rise was recorded last winter in some types such as round or cluster, but the trend shifted in the present spring season so far -May and June-. The company hopes they will be able to cope with the situation thanks to their planning and anticipation policy.

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