Ed. 132 Agosto 2017 / Vegetables

Growing with the market. HORTOFRUTÍCOLA LA ÑECA

They in Hortofrutícola La Ñeca are sure that their stability in terms of volume is their best asset to give response to clients.

Juan Arias

Neither in a hurry, nor pausing. This could be the motto that rules La Ñeca, a producer company of courgette and aubergine based in El Ejido, Almería. In such an atomised market as it is courgette’s, in which there is fierce competition as well, the secret of this family company is based on providing volume stability to clients all year round. Thus, customers can rest assured that they will not suffer any shortage of supply.

Presently, this Almería firm markets 5.5 million kilos, a volume that is to increase next season, given that thei intend to ‘grow with the market and with growers’, as stated by Juan Ramón and Saúl Escobar, managers of La Ñeca. This volume increase will mean larger farmland, which will reach up to 70 hectares next year, two of which correspond to the firm’s own production.

Another argument that endorses the company’s growth, besides stability, is the GLOBALGAP certification of their plots, which brings quality a notch higher for customers, who demand varieties with a longer and longer shelf life. To meet this latter demand, they carefully select the courgette varieties to be farmed each season.

Given the pace at which courgette consumption is growing in Europe, La Ñeca Hortofrutícola is working to expand and reach new markets. An example of it are their incursions to the Slovak and Estonian markets.

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