ED. 133. Fruit Attraction 2017 / Tropical Fruit

‘There are still many growth possibilities in Spain’

Faced with consumption blooming experienced in Europe, companies like Frutas Montosa adapt their production, processes, and structure to give response to the growing demand.

Alicia Lozano

Avocado consumption in the Union grew by circa 150% in the last ten years according to Rabobank Research Food & Agribusiness. Companies of the Tropical Coast have been increasing production volume to give response to this level of demand. An example of it is Frutas Montosa, which expects an invoicing of about €120 million in 2017, with a 10% increase in sales volume. And the outlooks are even more promising, as they in the Málaga-based company point out that ‘both avocado and mango have been recently discovered by European consumers and they still have much potential.’
Faced with this situation, big investments in innovation are a must for Frutas Montosa. They are working at the warehouse to launch new presentations and formats and in general, they are improving the process-efficiency in their lines of fresh and processed produce, ‘always aiming at guaranteeing quality every day and ensuring the firm’s constant improvement’, they affirmed.
Known for being Mercadona’s sole supplier and for having boosted guacamole consumption in our country together with them, Frutas Montosa has been in turn awarded with the Superior Taste Award by the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi), which acknowledges their product’s superior flavour and quality.

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