Ed. 132 Agosto 2017 / Pear and Apple

‘Spain wants our high mountain Golden apple’

The revolution that club varieties have brought to apple industry cannot be denied but VI.P keeps banking on its Val Venosta Golden apple, not leaving the former aside.

Autor: Marga López

A significant decrease in apple production is expected in Europe, due to harsh weather recorded in spring. Poland and Belgium will be the two countries undergoing bigger losses, of about 60% of their production in both cases.
This situation can result in certain unbalance of suply, according to Fabio Zannesco, Head of Sales at VI.P. , also bringing a general price rise. In this context, it will be essential for the Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers of Venosta Valley (VI.P.) to start the season in October with stable production, so that they can guarantee their presence in the markets and later on assess volumes and availability together with their customers.

The apples that Spain wants
Spain is one of the major markets for VI.P.-Manzana Val Venosta and they strategically bank on strengthening their position in the country and guarantee till the end of the season that at least 10% of their position is allocated to the Spanish market. ‘This is a share we have been enhancing, and we intend to keep doing it’, stated Mr Zannesco.
And even though it is true that we are seeing more and more colours on apple section of retailers’ shelves, 80% of VI.P.’s sales in our country belong to high mountain Golden from Val Venosta, quite settled among Spanish consumers and distributors. The remaining 20% is distributed in varieties like Red Delicious, Gala, Pinova, or the new club varieties: Kanzi®, envyTM and Ambrosia®, whose presence is gradually increasing. ‘Club apples are meeting consumers’ preferences and likings more and more. Take Kanzi® for example, it is youngsters’ favourite’, explained Mr Zannesco.
It is clear that European and Spanish apple markets have been enlivened after with the arrival of club varieties, and for that reason, even they keep trusting Golden apples, VI.P. joins the variety renewal for new products to progressively enter the market and consolidate in it.

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