ED. 133. Fruit Attraction 2017 / Various

'We are ready to keep growing'

Frutas Faustino has carried out an improvement of its production and logistics products and has also enlarged its facilities. Now they are ready to keep growing.

Marga López

When we visited Frutas Faustino headquarters in the Industrial Area Carretera de la Isla (Dos Hermanas, Sevilla), back in 2014, we already observed many changes in the entity. They had just joined Grupo Arc Eurobanan and were starting to develop a new business line devoted to supply big distribution.

Today, three years later, commercial director Carmen Rodríguez open the firm’s gates again and we are taken aback by the huge qualitative and quantitative leaps the firm has taken.

Back in 2015, they started a project that had turn a necessity many years ago: enlarging their facilities at Mercasevilla’s Nave 1. By acquiring the adjacent plot, Frutas Faustino has expanded its preservation and exhibition capacity. This expansion also enables them to have a unique selling spot of organic produce, where they display 700 plus food produce, 90 of which are fruits and vegetables, with an annual growth of about 100%.

New projects.

Once the efficiency of internal processes and services, now it is time to keep progressing. But to do that, a new expansion of the firm’s facilities was in order, and now it was the turn of their centres in Dos Hermanas. Before the end of 2017, about 700 m2 will be added to their current extent (totalling 4,000 m2), and will allow the firm to set up four new ripening chambers, two preservation chambers, new manufacturing lines, and a white room for convenience fruit products. The latter is a new project on which the firm has recently embarked, though they have been marketing this kind of products for several years thanks to the facilities of diverse associates in the group.

Banana, kiwifruit, apple, but also tropical produce from overseas, aerial, organic, and now convenience products. In short, a product portfolio in which packaging and tailored service makes a great difference.

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