Ed. 132 Agosto 2017 / Pear and Apple

Their success lies in pears

Trecoop produces 15 million kilos of pome fruits a year and they expect to exceed the figure this year and reach new markets.

Autor: Beatriz Peña

Despite the statistics published by the Ministry of Agriculture, which clearly reflect a circa 2% fall in Spain’s pear production over the previous season, the second degree cooperative Trecoop has good outlooks with a view to the present campaign, given that they could increase their yearly average of about 15 million kilos of pears of the varieties Doctor Jules Guyot, Williams, and Conference.
Trecopp has known how to stand out in a producer area of high quality pome fruits. For that reason, they can be more and more ambitious every year as for their marketing and export objectives. Brazil, the Arabian Peninsula, Canada, the Caribbean, Colombia, and Uruguay are some of the farthest destinations reached by the cooperative’s fruit, not forgetting the European markets, which are still priority.

Good stone fruit season too
‘After years in which we lost part of our usual production due to adverse weather, we will hit 15 million kilos of stone fruit this year and we foresee good opportunities’, confirmed commercial director Ignasi González. He also affirmed that the peaches, saturn peaches, nectarines, and saturn nectarines their trees are yielding are of exceptional quality. According to González, ‘distribution and supermarket chains know our brands and appreciate them’, which is essential when it comes to secure marketing. This is nothing that can be achieved overnight but a consequence of years’ hard work.

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