ED. 133. Fruit Attraction 2017 / Tropical Fruit

The success of sustainable management

Every year, Reyes Gutiérrez strengthens its leading position in the sector, not only because of their marketed volume, not even due to their invoicing, but for banking on effective, sustainable management.

Marga López

The sector of tropical produce is living a sweet age. And that is what we noticed when visiting different companies on the tropical coast of Málaga and Granada, so that we tried to understand the reasons behind it. Consumption increase is beyond any doubt playing a determining role. But we also believe the decision the sector made years ago to supply all-year-round is behind the success it enjoys today.
Reyes Gutiérrez pioneered that produce import and now they are pioneers in terms of innovation, image, packaging, among many others. Thus, we met the firm’s head of marketing, Daniel Zapata, who was working on new ideas that will be launched at Fruit Attraction. ‘We are renewing packaging to place the fruit in the limelight and we are also in the process of changing our labels for natural sauces and fruits’, stated Mr Zapata.
Carrefour Award
The efficiency proven in all their processes is part of the innovation championed by Reyes Gutiérrez, which granted them the acknowledgement of distribution itself. French supply chain Carrefour honoured them in 2016 with the ‘Suppliers’ Great Challenge Against Food Waste’ Award for the sustainable marketing of avocados and mangoes.
Such acknowledgements are but a reason to boost the company’s thrill to keep offering quality products. This is also encouraging them to be at the vanguard of innovation with their farms in the province of Cádiz.
And their line of processed products is yielding unquestionable success. Guacamole has been joined by natural sauces and fruits (with a 45-day shelf-life), which are more and more demanded every day, the same as the firm’s fresh produce, and which are marketed through Reyes Gutiérrez’s subsidiary Avomix.

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