ED. 133. Fruit Attraction 2017 / Tropical Fruit

Pomegranates from August to January

Mogalla keeps banking on pomegranate production and looks for new markets to position its brand.

Beatriz Peña

There is no turning back. Pomegranate production already ranks second in terms of turnover for Mogalla SAT, only beaten by citrus fruits. And the outlooks point at further growth as a consequence of an increase of farmland with new varieties that will extend the trade campaign. The firm has 240 hectares of pomegranate farmland in its plots in Seville, Huelva, Badajoz, and Don Benito. They mostly grow red, early varieties like Acco and Smith, which enabled them to bring production forward and extend it from August up to late January thanks to varieties like Mollar and Wonderful. The aim is reaching about 7,000 tonnes of yearly volume. To do this, the firm has also refurbished its facilities.
In addition, they are developing a project on convenience products from shelling. Right now, they are researching juices and considering future investments.

Higher national presence
85% of Mogalla’s pomegranates are sold in foreign markets and the firm expects to increase its presence in Spanish markets. They are now working to raise awareness among supermarket chains about the quality of this fruit in order to boost demand nationwide. Promotion is essential and for that reason the firm will have its own stand at Fruit Attraction (9E12C), from where they will showcase the quality of their fruits.
Besides pomegranates and citrus fruits, Mogalla keeps diversifying production with fruits like persimmon and fig, with circa 40 hectares planted this year in Extremadura, and improving the firm’s processing centres with new garlic storage chambers and new packaging lines for dried fig.

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