ED. 133. Fruit Attraction 2017 / Grape

Low prices at the start of the season

A smaller supply has not ensured good prices at the initial stages of the trade season.

Alicia Lozano

Contrary to what was expected, namely higher product prices considering a 15 to 20% less production, ‘we are experiencing low prices at the beginning of the commercial season even though there is smaller production volumes’, stated Antonio Berná, manager of the Organisation of Fruits and Vegetable Producers Uvas del Vinalopó.

‘Average price of grape in July was 10 to 15 cents lower than in the previous year, and the situation gradually worsened up to late August’, affirmed Mr Berná on the matter. Not even the fruit quality, which is excellent due to the lower yield, could raise up average market price of grape.

Faced with this situation, producers and marketers in the Vinalopó Valley have no other option than boosting product diversification. Antonio Berná insisted: ‘We must keep banking on doing our job well and, that is why we make significant investments every year to keep improving.’ This season, they are air conditioning the warehouse, aiming at optimising fruit conservation and offering better work conditions to the employees. Likewise, the organisation commits to renewing their plants with varieties that were more interesting to the market. Specifically, it means five and a half hectares devoted to Aledo and Doña María this year. These actions contribute beyond any doubt to the gradual development of the sector and to the rise of average prices every season.

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