December 2018 / Citrus

Kumquat, small size but great flavour. EARMUR

The Murcia-based firm Earmur wants to re-launch this citric fruit, which already produces around 120 tons. To do so, they plan to organize tasting sessions with their customers, and bring this product closer to the final consumer.

Isabel Fernández

Why cannot agriculture be bold? This is what Nieves Albacete wonders, Earmur sales manager. This company from Murcia has outlined a clear line of research and, on it, it has already taken and continues taking steps: “We dare with different products, and we could say that the exotic line is the one that makes a difference to the company”.

Among these products, the kumquat or mini orange stands out, a citrus “very small in size, but great in flavour”. Earmur crops and markets around 120,000 kilos that are mainly allocated for exportation (France and Germany). This year, however, they want to “take a step further”. Thus, they will start with its packaging, more sustainable from now. Secondly, they want to introduce it in the national market promoting its culinary uses. In this sense they foresee, on the one hand, to organize tasting sessions with customers in December and, on the other, make it known to consumers.

Furthermore, they are still working to introduce their citrus caviar, a gourmet product, into markets. Its flesh is formed by small green and pink spheres, very similar to caviar, and with citrus flavour. They launched it a year ago and, since then, “we have worked with clients who already had a line of exotic products in operation, and we are also collaborating with gastronomic societies that investigate their uses”.

The kumquat and citrus caviar are a claim for its main product, the grapefruit, which they produce and market over 5,000 tons per year. In total, its volume of citrus amounts around 6,000 tons, although “we grow at a pace of about 300,000 kilos a year”.

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