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Specialisation as brand image

La Ñeca consolidates and aims a t becoming a re ferent in product ion of courget te and aubergine, crops on which they focus production as business strategy.

Beatriz Peña

‘We want customers to link La Ñeca directly to courgette and aubergine specialised production since the very first moment they think about our firm.’ With these words, manager Juan Ramón Escobar defines the business model that led them to focus on and specialise in these two vegetables, in a context where many are choosing product diversification. They in La Ñeca are clear about what they can do well: producing; and for that reason they want to be the best, and they want to be acknowledged. Their commercial missions set two goals: knowing the markets and the needs of each country in depth, aiming at adapting production -from field to packaging and trade- to the demands of each customer.

Aubergine and courgette exports are booming. Spain exceeded 480,000 tonnes exported in 2016, which is 80,000 more over the previous year. This growth in European markets, as La Ñeca’s manager suggests, confirms that we are on a good path to grow at origin and become a referent at destination. The firm is taking the necessary steps, increasing its farmland extent – 140 hectares-, production -15,000 tonnes-, and certifying its plots with the GLOBALGAP label, which endorses additional quality.

The firm’s growth is linked to their own growers’, which is a reason why one of the firm’s concerns is the farms’ profitability. After three years of low aubergine prices, the sector expected a good campaign but the reality was different, according to Escobar. This year, they expect better results, at least regarding volume. Anyway, the most important is maintaining their quality levels and doing a good job in the farm as well as in the processing centre, always meeting quality norms and those on active substances. This way, they will be able to strengthen their position in the markets that offer better yield to the company and look at the future.

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