ED. 133. Fruit Attraction 2017 / Grape

The other reality of the Vinalopó Valley

Talking seedless grapes in the Vinalopó valley is talking UvasDoce. 50% of their production corresponds to seedless varieties, a risky yet successful strategy for them.  

Marga López

About five years ago, the firm UvasDoce chose to bank on a new business model. Without giving up traditional growing techniques of the Vinalopó Valley, they started implementing the knowledge acquired by the management through visits to the major producer areas worldwide. Today, just a few years later, what many considered an ‘audacity’ is now presented as the future of the sector: growing seedless grapes.

‘Europe does not want seedy grapes, there is no market for them beyond our borders, hence a business model whose export chances have been cut off all of a sudden will not be quite feasible’, stated UvasDoce’s head of marketing Miriam Cutillas.

The firm does not intend to criticise other companies’ paths but they are concerned about the Valley and do not want to copy the same variety and business development they have in the region of Murcia. ‘It is necessary to improve marketing, diversify our varieties, our calendar, and above all to join together so that we can get back the prominence we once had’, added Ms Cutillas.

What makes this firm any different?

1. The hunger for knowledge of its management, whose members travel around the world to get trained in the most innovative techniques and new varieties.

2. Not being afraid of investing. ‘We have banked on seedless varieties on several occasions and we had to uproot them three years later because they did not work out. But when they did, they opened new commercial possibilities for us’, affirmed the head of marketing.

3. The new varieties will not only enable us to bring the season forward, but also to extend its duration.

But above all, what really makes UvasDoce different from the rest of the firms in the Vinalopó Valley is that they believe in what we do, in how they do it, and in where they are headed to.


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