ED. 133. Fruit Attraction 2017 / Various

The keys for success

The value of their farmers as the core element of the cooperative, together with their commitment to innovation in terms of variety improvement, and their adaptability to the new agricultural techniques, are the cornerstones that resulted in the success of Onubafruit's formula.

Alicia Lozano


The berry giant has earned a leading position in the markets. Not because their large production volume, but due to the high quality of their fruit, which comes thanks to the devotion and the efforts that their farmers make every day. To them, agriculture is more than a mere livelihood. It is a way of understanding nature that they have inherited from their predecessors, who passed their good practices on to them. This, together with constant adaptation to present agricultural techniques and resource optimisation, helps them obtain excellent results. Likewise, their production is more and more sustainable. They cherish their fruits at the same time they care about the necessary resources to farm them.

These are the principles on which Onubafruit leans to remain competitive in a market that turns more dynamic and demanding every day.

Variety development

Good materials determine producers’ success Thus, Onubafruit allocates a significant amount of resources to R&D to adapt their vegetable materials. A result of these investments are their raspberry varieties: Imara, Kweli, Lagorai, and Vajolet, which today adapt optimally to the climate and soil of the region. This means great producer satisfaction and market acceptance, hence being yet another proof of Onubafruit’s commitment to provide consumers with differentiated fruit.

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