Ed. 132 Agosto 2017 / Pear and Apple

Club apples, stars of the markets

Club varieties are gaining ground to classic apples. They at VOG Consortium know it and bank on them as part of their differentiation strategy.

Autor: Marga López

The new apple season will start barely several weeks from now and people of the Adige river valley, in north Italy, are finishing up the details. Gone is the commercial management of the 2016/17 season, which satisfied VOG Consortium for several reasons: ‘The excellent quality of our apples enabled us to calmly schedule marketing’, affirmed Gerhard Dichgans, VOG Director-General. In addition, the consortium’s sales rose by 6%. ‘In Spain in particular, we grew by over 15%.’
Spain is one of the main markets for VOG Consortium, to which they supply Golden Delicious all year round. ‘Beside that variety, we offer four more: Royal Gala, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, and Fuji; not forgetting Club apple varieties such as Pink Lady®, Kanzi®, envy™ and Evelina Bio®’, added Dichgans. Pink Lady® and Kanzi® apples, which were marketed in June and July for the first time, are consolidating their presence in the market within the premium segment, which Envy™ apple just joined. ‘Innovation in terms of varieties is essential to our Consortium, as it allows to attract consumers who turn away from classic apples. Club apples represent this philosophy perfectly.’
We asked about the success of these club apples. In case of Pink Lady, Gerhard Dichgans highlights, besides unmatched organoleptic properties, an appropriate communication strategy that effectively transmitted the positive image of pink apples. ‘It is therefore not surprising that demand of Pink Lady® keeps constantly growing’, he stated.

Crimson Snow apple
Under the Club consideration, VOG Consortium just signed an agreement with KIKU Variety Management for producing and marketing Crimson Snow apple, a new variety characterised by its great shelf-life. ‘It can be stored for twelve months. Thus, it is suitable to be marketed during the second half of the season. But its better quality is its flavour, they say: ‘crunchy and juicy, it features the perfect balance between sweetness and sharpness.’

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