Ed. 132 Agosto 2017 / Vegetables

World leaders in cucumber. ALHÓNDIGA LA UNIÓN

Good prices, effective management, and supply concentration are the reasons why farmers and customers alike choose Alhóndiga La Unión.

Juan Arias


When talking cucumber, one must take Alhóndiga La Unión as an undoubted referent, as they are worldwide leaders in cucumber trade, marketing over 100 million kilos, mainly of the Dutch type.

Head of Communication and Marketing Alberto Rodríguez, explained that ‘we are chosen because of our service and commitment, to both farmers and customers.’ In this sense, they ensure growers will get high prices for their products, weekly payments, and also offer consultancy and financing for their seeds and inputs. On the other hand, customers are guaranteed all-year-round availability and food safety, thanks to the firm’s three laboratories where they carry out 45,000 plus analyses a year.

But these good practices did not only encumbered them to the top of the cucumber industry, they  also helped them to grow exponentially in tomato, hitting over 65 million kilos last season. The consolidation of their product in the eastern part of Almeria, with an increase in the amount of work centres, and in the variety of typologies produced after the arrival of cherry and cocktail tomatoes this year, are the main reasons for La Unión’s success in this industry. Aiming at giving response to this growth, the firm has just opened new facilities of about 8,000 square metres of area in La Mojonera, Almería, devoted to tomato packaging and distribution.

Courgette is another important crop for La Unión.

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