Ed. 132 Agosto 2017 / Tomato Cherry

Master of masters in cherry tomato. COPROHNÍJAR

After longer than 20 years working in cherry tomato industry, Coprohníjar managed to implement a production system that took them to lead this segment in Almería.

Juan Arias

Located in San Isidro, Coprohníjar is a real specialist in cherry tomato. To do that, the firm will not stop testing new varieties, sizes and colours to obtain a cherry tomato that charms ‘more and more demanding’ consumers, as explained Coprohníjar CEO Juan Segura. The first step of this process takes place at the greenhouse. where the firm tests its cherry tomatoes agronomic behaviour. Later on, and in case the variety behaves well, it is harvested to check it has an appropriate flavour and a good after-harvest life. Finally, the last step involves shipping it to customers for them to assess it and decide whether they want to market it or not. In this sense, Mr Segura states that it is ‘complex’ to find a variety that satisfied growers interests -which mean high yield- and those of consumers and distributors as well, which are ‘flavour and a long shelf-life.’

They also want to keep growing in their bio segment. This kind of agriculture is getting more and more demanded. For that reason, 10% of their farmland will be devoted this season to organic, and it will be expanded to reach 35 hectares next year. But in truth, the firm’s CEO warns about the possibility of saturating the market, as there are ‘more and more agents supplying cherry tomato.’

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