ED. 133. Fruit Attraction 2017 / Grape

More Aledo but of higher quality

The commitment to the typical New Year's Eve grape variety keeps setting the strategy for companies in the Vinalopó Valley, which keep growing in this commercial window.

Alicia Lozano

When we thought the market niche for grape consumption in New Year’s Eve almost filled, they prove us wrong once again. Thus, the company Uvas Ferrándiz has expanded its area for the 2018 season, with Aledo seedlings, the variety harvested for the occasion, but ‘these are better quality.’

Aledo represents 90% of the company’s production, an actual cornerstone for Uvas Ferrándiz, which relies on this variety being aware of its significance in national and foreign markets. This variety is complemented with earlier ones, such as Doña María and Moscatel. Thus, the firm covers the commercial window from September onwards, with larger volumes in November and December. In total, the firm trades half a million kilograms, mainly devoted to export markets, namely Italy, France, and Germany amongst others.

With a view to the present season, despite having slightly higher production thanks to new plantations, lower yield is expected due to the weather recorded. ‘Quality is being excellent, though’, stated manager José Antonio Ferrándiz.

Wine grape

Last year, we already met Ferrándiz’s initiative to devote discarded grapes to wine industry. Their cellar marketed 10,000 bottles labelled with their own brand: Horna Alta-Casa Ferrándiz. This year, they have taken a step further by renting wine grape farmland, thus diversifying their business model.

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