ED. 133. Fruit Attraction 2017 / Tropical Fruit

Top-end wholesaler

If you want to get the most exotic fruit, or the latest trend in super foods, the firm Alichampi can help you, as it is always up to date in terms of gourmet products.

Professionals who come every day to the firm’s facilities at Mercalicante get the freshest produce, with top guarantees. Knowing suppliers deeply and carefully selecting the fruit is what helps them to get fulfil the goals set on their code of quality. Alichampi, wholesaler since longer than 30 ago, is specialised in top-end fruits and vegetables, and is known for its broad product portfolio, which includes exotic products, ready-to-eat salads, wild mushrooms and fungi, gourmet products for creative cooking, and uncountable natural foods that satisfy the most demanding professionals.
This specialisation is reflected on their range of tropical product, as, according to manager Juan Bonet, they ‘chose products that ripen hanging from the tree and are import via air shipping, as well as national-grown exotic and tropical fruits.’
And they bank on super food such as leaf cabbage and broccolini, always paying attention to the latest trends in healthy food, also for catering business, which is one of their marketing channels together with retailers, supermarkets, specialised greengrocers, and wholesaler.

An app for their customers
Alichampi releases their exhibition of 500 plus daily products through direct sale or delivery. And to make distribution easier, they have an on-line tool for their customers to be able to place their order on their phones, anywhere, at any time. With this initiative, they join the badly needed digital transformation of the sector.

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