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Making a move - California pepper. UNICA GROUP

Unica Group is carrying out production changes in California pepper, in order to fulfill the current market demands.

Author: Marga López


The pepper season in Almeria has begun with profitable prices for farmers, of the three varieties, Lamuyo, Californian and Italian. This confirms the good moment that the sector is living. Especially in the exportations.

We have visited Unica Group to talk about this horticultural with Loli Rodriguez, Californian pepper specialist, to whom we asked the reasons for such a good beginning of the harvest.

“We need bigger calliper at the beginning of the season, and smaller ones during winter”

According to their experience, they have made farmers understand it is better to delay the harvest, and bet for varieties with higher calliper for the beginning of the season. “The increasing temperatures on Autumn are changing the availability of the product. Too much quantity in Almeria,with a smaller calliper. While the European farms are still in progress.  That is why we need to delay the harvest, and a product with bigger calliper” explained Rodríguez.

In this sense, he is betting on bigger calliper products at the beginning of the season, and smaller size with the season in progress. “another difficulty that we used to find from the start was the need of big peppers to fullfil the 500gr three-colour packaging”, said Rodríguez.

National market

Step by step these commercial and variety changes are positioning this firm as a trusty and reliable provider. “It has been very hard to introduce our products in the Spanish market, as they are used to Lamuyos and Italian mainly. While we are saling around 60 million kilogrames of our Californian variety. But the consumer is recognising the Californian day by day. We are currently working with two supermarkets” said the product manager.

Their offer contains other varieties such as Sweet Palermo, and a huge range of spicy ones that positions the firm as the biggest producer in Europe, and the demand is still increasing.

Talking about innovation “we still bet on innovation, specializing in the snacks market nich. We also have several testing farms where we develop new varieties hand in hand to the best seeds firms, what guarantees constant innovation”.





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