Ed. 132 Agosto 2017 / Pear and Apple

New varieties and investment in post-harvest

Giropoma banks on technology to improve production and packaging to compete in a global market.

Autor: Beatriz Peña


When a company chooses to become specialist in a product the result is usually positive given that all efforts are channelled to improve it and position it in the market. Several years ago, Giropoma decided to focus on apple production, expanding farmland devoted to this crop, and choosing varieties that best adapted to their agronomic region. Today, with about 30,000 tonnes of fruit and a high level of customer satisfaction, they can confirm theirs was the right decision.
Together with the traditional varieties, Giropoma has introduced new ones, such as Jeromine, Venus, Golden Reindeers, Challenger and Rossy Glow, which reinforce the firm’s portfolio of top quality apples. Investing in state-of-the-art technology is also necessary Manager Alex Creixell affirms that they have devoted only last season ‘a €6 million budget allocation to Dynamic Atmosphere chambers so that they can supply better apples, preserved as naturally as possible. We have also made great efforts to adapt the manufacturing warehouse, in order to be able to extend the range of packaging formats for our product portfolio.’
Companies must control their production to the maximum if they want to compete in a global market, and the fact that Giropoma is part of the Pink Lady producers Club and member to the PGI Poma de Girona enabled them to position their apples and to gain acknowledgement and prestige, although ‘higher efforts are required in terms of farming and regarding commercial issues as well’, affirmed Mr Creixel.

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