ED. 133. Fruit Attraction 2017 / Tropical Fruit

‘We want to be a referent in guacamole’

The firm Natural Tropic is investing in strengthening their line of guacamole, aiming at achieving triple volume within a year.

Alicia Lozano

Natural Tropic has decided to make a strong investment in machines for their facilities where they elaborate guacamole. This is a project set in motion last year but which they expect will help them to triple production volume: ‘We want to be a referent in guacamole in the markets.’
Labelled with their own brand, Natural Tropic, two types of guacamole are marketed in 250g trays: mild and hot. Both come from organic production and are endorsed by the appropriate European certificate.
Their strong commitment to increase the extent of their farmland devote to organic production -which now means 180 hectares of mango and avocado (30 and 150 respectively)- , enabled them to embark on this project involving bio guacamole, which has raised so much expectation. Organic production represents one fifth of their business and the firm expects to keep boosting it, aiming at progressing towards their goal of ‘being more natural’.

Other projects
The important growth of over 35% in invoicing (€30 million in 2016) the firm is undergoing, will allow them to make investments like the aforementioned in their guacamole line or in organic products. Now the challenge is to keep expanding their own farmland for self-production: ‘We intend to make it represent 30% of our volume’, stated the manager, Prudencio López. Two words, ‘growth and innovation’, can define the trajectory of the young company Natural Tropic.

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