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Onion industry to celebrate its international gathering

Albacete will host the International Onion Meeting 2017 the next 15th and 16th November, where the major issues concerning this crop will be approached.

The city of Albacete, Spain, has been chosen to celebrate the International Meeting of the Onion Industry this year, given that it is one of Europe’s and the world’s major producers of this bulb , exceeding one million tonnes a year. Last season in particular, Albacete hit 1,343,655 tonnes hence climbing to rank first among European producers.

IOM 2017 will be celebrated in two days. The first day will be devoted to analyse different aspects of the crop, such as new varieties, existing quality protocols, progresses in phytosanitary treatments, pest control and crop diseases, as well as the latest yield appraisals and the market situation worldwide. Besides, the quality label ‘Cebolla de La Mancha’ (La Mancha Onion) will be launched to the international scope. This label will endorse onions grown in Spain’s main producer area. The second day will focus on issues regarding crop management at warehouses as well as the novelties in terms of harvesting, packing, and handling machines, and packaging developed by auxiliary industries.

All these events will be celebrated at Albacete City Congress Hall, which will enable two exhibition areas.

The registration form to the IOM 2017 is already available on the websites of the event: www.congresointernacionalcebolla.com, and www.internationalonionmeeting.com. We invite you to attend this gathering, source of knowledge about such an important bulb worldwide.

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