Ed. 132 Agosto 2017 / Tomato

Seriousness, quality, and solvency. VEGACAÑADA

Vegacañada answers with these premises to the demand of those customers wanting a more flavourful tomato with a longer shelf life.

Beatriz Peña

The markets are more and more demanding, mostly in terms of basic produce of our shopping cart, because consumers will not be content with just any vegetable any longer: they demand quality and, in case of tomato, they ask for intense flavour too. Vegacañada, one of the eight companies that make up the Protected Geographical Indication Tomate La Cañada, is among those which bank on this way of producing.

Andrés Soler, Vegacañada’s commercial director, considers that the evolution of tomato producer industry in Almería cannot be understood without the efforts of growers who season after season follow the principles of seriousness, quality, and solvency in order to always offer an excellent product. ‘Our priority is to render a good service, we are pretty demanding about quality standards so that we can satisfy our customers’ demands.’

Flavour above everything else

In terms of varieties, they in Vegacañada are sure about it: flavour is the most important trait. This is what they pursue every season, and what they ask breeders for. Colour and shelf life are important too, but these requirements are determined by the type of target customer or market, whose likings vary.

Production certified by the seal of PGI Tomate La Cañada features all guarantees, but one must work hard to meet the requirements of the PGI and invest in promotion actions that made all their qualities and benefits known.

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