ED. 133. Fruit Attraction 2017 / Companies at Fruit Attraction's fair

Healthy, organic snacks

El Dulze joins the trend with an exclusive, Danish grown mini carrot to be introduced in their BioDulze range of products.

Beatriz Peña


‘Completely natural, with a thin skin, snack-sized, and featuring quite a sweet flavour combined with tender texture, this product is fantastic to be eaten at any time of the day.’ So described José Carlos Gómez, El Dulze’s commercial manager, the new organic mini carrot that the firm has recently incorporated to its  BioDulze portfolio, and which is the result of aconstant innovation policy.

This is a novelty that enable them to keep leading the market of new agri-food trends, where we can also find organic aromatic herbs in a pot, also marketed branded as BioDulze. And if we are talking being at the forefront, one cannot forget their range of Asian products, of the likes of Pak Choi, Choi Sum, etc., which keep gaining ground and bringing in new flavours and cooking possibilities.

Lettuce Attraction

But, if we were to name a trademark of El Dulze’s work, it is their range of lettuce, a vegetable which will enter the limelight during the next edition of  Fruit Attraction trade fair, on the occasion of the ‘Lettuce Attraction’ world conference, subtitled ‘the world of leaf vegetables.’

El Dulze will bring their extensive range of products to the fair, as well as the novelties on which they are working, especially their line of organic. This year, they will try to acknowledge the efforts made by the firm’s staff last season, which was characterised by cold and rainfall. ‘We cannot control the climate and that is why we must be very thorough in all other processes, so that we do not lose positions and retain the market’s confidence’, explained Gómez.

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