Ed. 132 Agosto 2017 / Tomato

Tomatoes for gourmets. IGP Tomate la Cañada.

The Regulatory Council of the PGI Tomate La Cañada is managing to enlarge the market share of this product, which defends its position among the best in its class.

Beatriz Peña

The goal of any producer of fruits and vegetables is that their produce was recognisable and renowned by its traits and quality. To achieve that, there is essential field work, variety selection, innovation and technology, as well as an environment that makes the mentioned fruit special: soil and climate that define the characteristics which make it unique. When you have all of it, as it happens to tomatoes certified by the label of the Protected Geographical Indication La Cañada, it must be highlighted for the market to acknowledge it too and assigned this product the place it deserves among the most exquisite foodstuff.

The Regulatory Councyl of the PGI Tomate La Cañada took part in this year’s Madrid Gourmet Show and thanks to the organised Cooking Show, they could demonstrate all the possibilities that this singular tomato has to offer as a delicatessen. The PGI also makes progresses in terms of online and social media presence, as they are sure that one must use new languages which allowed to reach a greater amount of consumers.

It is worth mentioning the efforts of the eight companies that make up the PGI:Agroponiente, Biosabor, Casur, Coprohníjar, Costa de Níjar, Luis Andújar, Parquenat and Vegacañada. All of them ‘are companies with a long track of experience and which beat themselves each season in terms of quality and productivity’, added Francisco López, chair of the Regulatory Council , who predicts a good season and increase in volume of certified product.

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