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New presentations to dynamize the market shelves. CENTRO SUR

Centro Sur acaba de lanzar dos nuevos formatos comerciales, en una clara vocación de abrir nichos en los mercados donde ya están y en otros que aspiran a conquistar.


Europe is the main destination of Spanish asparagus exports, highlighting Germany, which during the period from January to September 2017 (FEPEX) bought more than 8,236 tons of this product (41% of the total), almost 13% more than the same period of the previous year. This data shows us the almost total dependence of the German market, something worrying if we take into account that local productions are growing. According to an ICEX report, in 2016 Germany’s production reached 84% of its demand.
This reality, which is not unknown to producers and marketers, is behind the concern we find in the Huétor Tájar entities to open market niches.
With the president of Centro Sur, Antonio Zamora, we talked about the new commercial strategies of this cooperative, which is also the only member of the IGP Espárrago de Huétor Tájar. “Exports exceed 70% of our production and the goal is to continue increasing, but through the search for new markets”, Zamora explains, clearly referring to countries in the Middle East and Canada, the latter where they have already conducted some tests with enough growth prospects.

New presentations
But to gain market share, it is necessary to innovate in terms of formats and presentations. For this reason, South Center has gone to the Fruit Logistica with two novelties. On the one hand, special asparagus for barbecues (of greater caliber) and on the other, tips of asparagus. “The latter is presented in a 350 gr pot, and is especially suitable for the Horeca channel,” Zamora shows us.


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